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To understand why the United Democratic Party (UCDP) under Kgosi Lucas Manyane Mangope should be in power we need to look at the history of the man and his party.

As the ruling party in Bophuthatswana, the UCDP defied all the critics by merging as fabulously successful young country with no relative equal on the African continent.

This is in stark to what has become of the North West Province since the current administration assumes control after the 1994 election.

Standards and service delivery across the board have sunk to deplorable levels, with a little hope of any improvement while the current government remains in power.

By contrast we take a brief look at the history and achievement of Bophuthatswana under the leadership of Kgosi Lucas Mangope.

The United Christian Democratic Party has its roots carved out of the rock and bush of in Africa.

It is the belief of the UCDP that the church on earth is man’s response to the divine command that his children should be nurtured in the love and knowledge of God.

Housing & Land Policy

Sports, Art & Culture


Infrastructure & Transport



Law & Order

Trade & Industry


Local Government


Every individual and every nation has the right to expect to be accepted into the brotherhood of man in dignity and love.

Discrimination in any form against any individual or nation based on race, ethnicity or skin colour was, is, and will always be regarded as entirely wrong in the eyes of the UCDP.

During the first decade in the since the independence the erstwhile Bophuthatswana has develop to a remarkable degree and this is borne out the growth of many towns and villages.

The expansions of schools, hospitals, clinics, rural roads, aerodrome, housing, water supplies, and electricity were a further testimony to this growth.


Every person has a story to tell, a story about his life experience. This is always unique for no two individuals can ever have the same life experience.

There are old nations and new nations; small nations and big nations; strong nations and weak nations; wealthy nations and poor nations; nations at war within their own communities, where civil strife has become a way of life, and nations at peace, where stability and security bring prosperity and mutual understanding. Ambition fans the flames of dissention in some nations while goodwill ministers to the aspirations of the people in other, making their future a bastion of hope. Each nation has it's own identity...

One of these nations was Bophuthatswana. The country, under the leadership of Kgosi Lucas Manyane Mangope, had a remarkable record as it nutured and developed, the aspirations and the mobilisation of the country's human, economic and infrastructural resources into a dynamic and viable society.

Kgosi Mangope put it succinctly when he said of his vision: "To win a place in the sun for my people, not only means for the Batswana, but for all the balck people of South Africa".

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