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2014 Elections Manifesto

2009 Elections Manifesto


Working together towards educating the nation

A UCDP-led government will ensure:

o Access to education for all and elimination of illiteracy among adults and youths;
o Public schools will not be allowed to suspend learners from classes without good reason nor deny them sporting or social activities or refuse to issue school reports if parents have not paid school fees;
o The enforcement of compulsory education up to Grade 12 or equivalent thereof
o Children who are older than 16 years and have never attended school will be referred to adult education centres;
o Discipline in learning institutions from both educators and learners. Principals will be required to keep registers of schools, class and period (lesson) attendance by both learners and teachers. The performance of teachers will be closely monitored, while malicious and disruptive conduct by learners will be eliminated entirely from our schools and higher education institutions;
o Learning institutions will be free of evils such as substance abuse, sexual abuse, violence and dangerous weapons. The UCDP will ensure the safety of learners, teachers and school property;
o Market-related remuneration for educators
o An improvement in the school nutrition scheme
o No discrimination against learners, students or teachers with HIV and AIDS.
o No teacher or learner will be excluded from attending school or denied or dismissed from a post or class on the basis of their HIV and AIDS status
o There will be no medical testing of teachers and students
o The institutionalisation of in-service training to assist teachers on an on-going basis to keep pace with education developments and new techniques in management, financial and professional matters
o Reintroduction of school inspections and class visits
o monitoring what is taking place in the schools and offer professional support on an on-going basis


A fundamental right

A UCDP-led government will ensure:

o A properly administered health service which will collect revenue and co-ordinate its debts
o The strengthening and decentralisation of management which will address issues such as the management of hospital budgets, the attitude of staff towards patients, patient waiting times and dispensary-related problems;
o Properly qualified health workers who are committed and accountable
o Free medication to expectant women and children under six;
o Reopening of closed clinics and ensuring that they remain open for 24 hours daily;
o At least one doctor who will be readily available for a cluster of clinics

2.1. HIV and AIDS

A UCDP-led government will ensure that:

o All HIV and AIDS sufferers and their families are provided with proper care and support;
o Special attention will be given to expectant women in an effort to curb mother-to-child transmission;
o Medication will be delivered to the sick through home-base care initiatives;
o State medical aid will be available to all HIV and AIDS victims;
o Sex education will be included in the education curriculum to promote self-respect, openness and responsibility in the youth. Strong emphasis in all education campaigns will be put on prevention; and
o Accurate statistics those diagnosed with the disease will be released on a regular basis; and
o Those infected and affected be encouraged to break the silence


A strong and balanced economy

A UCDP-led government will implement policies which will deliver:

o The creation of jobs while promulgating laws that balance the right of the workers and employers
o Lower taxes while increasing the collection thereof
o A free entrepreneurial system
o Stimulation of SMMEs and the provision of government-funded or government-enabled infrastructure and local economic development initiatives. Public-private partnerships are an important means of leveraging private-sector investment into these programmes as is the restructuring of State assets;
o Deregulation will be controlled to support the right to unimpeded access to the employment market: to this end we shall ensure that
o Small business is prepared sufficiently to meet the challenges of an internationally competitive economy
o An enabling environment for small enterprises
o A levelled the playing field between big and small businesses, as well as between rural and urban businesses
o The facilitation of greater equalisation of income, wealth and earning opportunities
o Advancement of women in all business sectors
o The creation of long term jobs
o Cohesion between small enterprises
o Inducement allowances to foreign investors who will in turn benefit from tax concessions and fair labour laws
o Student bursaries to qualify them for skilled blue collar jobs


A UCDP-led government will ensure that:

o Maximum housing value will be extracted from social housing grants
o Good, decent habitable houses will be available for rental purposes
o Corporation rent-to-buy housing developments will be introduced
o The behaviour of unscrupulous landlords will be regulated so that tenants do not pay exhorbitant rents
o Serviced sites will be provided to people who enter the housing market and who can afford the cost of a serviced site. This will allow the people to build according to their individual tastes and affordability
o Contractors in the social housing industry will be closely monitored to ensure that people get the best product possible


A UCDP-led government will ensure that:

o The process of restitution will be sped up. There is legitimate need by the poor, labour tenants, farm workers, women and emergent farmers for agricultural and housing land; and
o Orderly and responsible market-led land restitution, including unused state-owned land is allocated to deserving communities.


A UCDP-led government will ensure the safety and security of communities by putting in place and managing in a responsible manner:

o An accountable and well remunerated criminal justice system to wipe out crime and corruption
o The reintroduction of the Directorate of Special Operations alias the Scorpions
o The return of specialised units to deal with sexual offences against women and children, rape crimes and stock theft
o Improvement of service delivery including victim support and empowerment to ensure that victims of crime are treated with respect and dignity, are provided with information and the opportunity to testify without fear; and are protected from secondary and repeated victimisation
o More effective measures to prevent escapes from custody
o The fast-tracking and review of paroles and awaiting-trial cases
o The rehabilitation of inmates; and
o Services of chaplains to the police, staff of the prisons and inmates of the prisons.



o Encourage the development of the small-farming sector, as well as develop a more diverse support system for farmers. This will involve the integration of disadvantaged and small-scale participants into mainstream of agriculture;
o Provide market access for disadvantaged market participants and recommendations to integrate them into a viable and sustainable agricultural system;
o Make funds available to train farmers and offer bursaries to students to study agriculture at tertiary institutions;
o Encourage farmers to form co-operatives to market their products
o Make available land for tilling and rearing livestock;
o Eliminate the eviction of farm workers by unscrupulous landowners;
o Fight against farm killings; and
o Subsidise farmers, especially in times of famine.



o Manage water resources in an integrated manner to ensure a healthy, stable water resource base to meet the current and future needs of South Africa, thus ensuring accessible, potable and healthy water for all;
o Residential areas will have piped water. In dry areas boreholes will be sunk and engines and windmills installed;
o As a short-term job-creation exercise, the locals will be employed to dig the trenches. Some locals will be employed to operate and maintain the engines;
o Put in place programmes to establish new female driven water boards to ensure effective operation of existing schemes, and to promote regional water supply; and
o Ensure that dams are built at strategic places to provide water for the long term period


A UCDP- led government will ensure that:

o Municipalities play an increasingly important role in service delivery, eradicating poverty and improving the social and economic conditions of South Africans;
o A local government system is put in place that will accept that urban and rural areas differ
o Villages with traditional leadership will not be tied to urban areas, and conversely. The UCDP will distinguish between core local government and municipal functions
o The position, authority and status of traditional leaders will be recognised
o Traditional leadership will be strengthened and modernised
o Services of ethnologists will be given more priority; and
o Efficiency and service delivery will be demanded of local government employees;


A UCDP-led government will:

o Ensure affordable, safe and efficient transport with good roads, especially within each municipality and within each district for ease of travel in the area of jurisdiction
o Bring an end to taxi violence by addressing their needs and guard against monopolies by some associations. Subsidies for deserving people such as the aged, disabled and school going children will be introduced;
o Ensure that state transport agencies such as Transnet, South African Airways and Metro rail serve people economically and affordably;
o Prioritise bus transport for indigent people in rural and farming areas within a municipality and within each district


A UCDP-led government will:

o Ensure that all communities feel free and protected to practice their religious, linguistic and cultural affairs
o Ensure that sports fields are accessible to all
o Will ensure that English will not remain the lingua franca at official gatherings; and
o Ensure that choral, classical, religious, traditional music is given a prime place in all activities; and
o Ensure the construction of new sports and recreational facilities (similar to Mmabana centres) as well as upgrading and maintenance of existing facilities. This will ensure that all people are exposed to different sporting items such as dance, aerobics, gymnastics etc all under one roof


A UCDP-led government will:

o Ensure that poverty relief funds are properly administered by putting in place an integrated approach which will target the poor and clearly define timelines and allocations;
o Ensure that civil pensioners receive their social grants regularly and timeously
o Fight fraud in the pension system.
o Educate beneficiaries on grant reviews;
o Offer bank and post office services as other options for receiving grants to reduce congestion at pay-points;
o Monitor the payment and allocation of child care and poverty relief grants to stop abuse; and
o Ensure that government remains responsible and in charge of the disbursement of the grants


A UCDP-led government will:

o Ensure that there is no discrimination on grounds of gender;
o Ensure that women are generally prepared and trained to have skills, education and training so that they may compete fairly in the world of work;
o Ensure that a Women Ministry is established and
o Ensure that women take their rightful places in all levels of politics


A UCDP-led government will:

o Establish a full-fledged, fully representative Ministry of Youth Affairs which will see to the needs, interests and aspirations of the youth.
o Encourage the youth to appreciate the value of labour and hard work for a livelihood; and
o Nurture properly educated youth who will be prepared for the challenges which adulthood presents.


The UCDP will establish international partnerships based on trust and equality and ensure that:

o Communication, not sanctions, is the key to international relations
o Trade results must benefit the people of both nations
o There will be no secret agendas, secret societies or the control of smaller nations by a dominant small group of powerful nations
o We pay our debts to avoid being dominated by a world banking system


A UCDP-led government, being federalist in outlook, will retain the unity of the country yet retain provinces

o We shall strive to ensure that every one and by extension every province works for the well-being of others
o We shall strive for a change in the electoral system by introducing the combined constituency based and proportional representation electoral systems across the board
o Everyone will have work, dignity and the pleasure to live a life without limitation


The UCDP will ensure an environmentally clean nation to participate with the rest of the world on environmental issues by:

o Using creative forms of clean energy, wind, solar, hydro-electric and human energy
o Cleaning the nation, and the government
o Ensuring that there is clean air, clean streets, clean homes and communities
o Ensuring that every industry, be it forestry, farming, textiles, fishing, manufacturing and every Elected Representative must be part of a co-operative system working in conjunction with associations striving for a clean environment
o Executing international agreements and protocols on the environment

The UCDP is ready to tackle the countryís problems with dedication and commitment.

We will not rest until these ideals are realised.
Letís change South Africa once and for all!


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