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The African National Congress is reputed for churning out lofty documents which they regrettably do not live up to.
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In real democracies if people under a certain department do something untoward the political head bites the dust regardless of the findings of the commission. Actually in some countries ministers with a conscience resign even before the victims are buried. A commission of inquiry will be set up after the politician will have left the post.

It is quite surprising that the South African public is yelling for Deputy President Ramaphosa’s head, who at the time was not in government. “The Concomitant action” he asked for and it being his only sin cannot be compared with the responsibility of the Minister of Police or even the President of the country.

It is not true that the Commission of Inquiry did not find against Minister Mthethwa.

Mr De Rover, an expert called in by the Police, had this to say:

“ One thing that I do know is that in no democratic country an incident that doesn’t only have national security ramifications but definitely economic dimensions , does a police force decide that it is time for whoever is there to go .The decision comes and originates from somewhere else … Now if you call that meeting, and with what I have said about police forces in a democratic society, I would be very surprised that the SAPS would have been permitted to make that decision on its own alone and not guided or would not have actively sought guidance of the executive on this prior to doing it …”

It is baffling that the police officers have been pushed under the bus but the political masters are basking in the glory of the findings of the Farlam Commission which have also been either misread or deliberately misinterpreted.

Under issues relating to Minister Mthethwa the Commission concluded that :”The Commission wishes to emphasize that it is not finding that such “guidance” was given. It is, however, unable in the light of what has been said above to find positively in Minister Mthethwa’s favour on the point.” (my own emphasis)

The finding against Mthethwa is serious; one wonders how it was interpreted as exoneration from blame.

Simply stated, the former Minister of Police Mr Mthethwa , should not have been left off the hook. Where is political responsibility? Did the police operate on auto pilot while there was a Minister in place even if not in charge.

It will take time before the Marikana debacle dies down. The lives lost should not be left to go unsaid, unsung and unwept .

As for Ramophosa the Commission concluded that: “There is no basis for the Commission to find even on a prima facie basis that Mr Ramaphosa is guilty of (the crimes he is alleged to have committed) – triggering the string of events that led up to the massacre.”

The ANC government should not feel like it is enough that a commission of enquiry was instituted and it ends there.

We challenge people in government and in the general public to read what the findings of the Commissions are not to present what they think.

I do not belong to the ANC but my conscience does not allow me to sit back when a guilty person (according to the Commission)is allowed lead a high life and someone, who was not even in government at the time is made to carry the can of worms.

Sipho Mfundisi

20 June 2017

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